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October 05, 2007


The Missus

Depends on your field of work. In the finance field, it can be useful. But my husband doesn't have one. He has his CFA, which is actually a LOT more useful in his field than the MBA. The MBA tends to just get you a job in finance... It doesn't always ensure a high pay out though.

As for my field, marketing, I think the MBA is a bit of a joke. Before the Internet boom of late, I would have said "sure! go get it! it'll help you get higher positions and ensure a bigger pay day." But I don't think that's true now. I know plenty of people who went and got their MBAs or graduate degress... And they are still getting the same positions and pay out as those of us who do not have them. Why? Well because with the Internet boom of late, it's all about apprenticeship. What have you done at previous jobs? More often than not, I am finding that my diverse website experience is getting me a MUCH higher pay day than anything else.

Bottom line: It's ultimately about the results you produce. And the days of being able to hide behind an advanced degree for lack of job performance in the finance or marketing are slowly coming to an end.

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